1. Changed floating point representation in encoder options
2. Fixed an error for displaying encoding parameters of aif(pcm) file.
3. Fixed a bug for writing front cover image of flac file.
4. Fixed a bug for reading mp3 file when sampling rate is 12 khz.

1. Added free aac decoder to support higher sampling frequency.
2. Added AAC_MAIN and AAC_LTP object type in free aac encoder.
3. Re-write mp3 file reading, re-write the reading and writing of musepack, wavpack and ape file.
4. Replaced two winapi functions in previous version which are not supported by winxp.

  1.Added free AAC encoder to generate m4a(free aac) file.
  2.Added cover front image in audio tag information.
  3.Re-write flac file reading and writting.

 1.Changed message processing in internal player to prevent from dead lock. 

  1. Added amplitude scaling to change output volume of file.
  2. Changed decoded format of ogg to it's original float format.
  3. Fixed a bug for reading wavpack files in winxp.
  4. Added a display of variable bitrate for some kind of files.

  1. changed mixing algorithm to get better mixed result.
  2. added mixing multiple files into one in merger project.
  3. added a output file name list box instead of using combo box.
  4. changed method to generate more precise output duration for creating specific content file.

  1. re-write the dialog for setting output range accurately.
  2. changed algorithm for mixing audio streams.

  1. re-write frequency meter to reduce cpu occupancy in winxp.
  2. re-write internal audio player.
  3. added a searched list in "find files" dialog.
  4. added output file name list in export dialog.
  5. added support for reading shortcuts file.

  1.added "delete invalid file items" in output file items and merger project.
  2.Upgrade output items file structure to version 3 from version 2.

  1. added "create specific file" in merger project.
  2. added "find files" dialog in merger project and output records.
  3. enhanced mp3 file reading.

  Added input and output file type support for wave(mp3).

   Fixed a bug for not processing mono mp3 output when using 32 bit floating point.

   Changed look for output dialog by adding mix processing and a button to get output file name.

   added a decibel indicator to frequency meter.

   added an audio mix processing option.

   added support for ms legacy acm encoders.

   added more encoding options for mp3 encoder , updated all codec libaries .

   Added output file type support for wavPack.

   Added "Add folder" function used to search audio files under the selected folder and add the found files to merger project.
   Added input file type support for wavpack.

   Added a function to prevent user from clicking buttons when the software doing a lengthy process,like canceling output process or refreshing a merger items.

   Added input file support for mov and opus.

   Added refreshing file information of merger items.

   Added merger project to manage audio files to be merged.

   Added setting output range of a selected item in merger project.

   Added copy and paste functions to duplicate merger items.

   Fixed a bug that may causes a dead lock on windows 8 when output file type is set to m4a or 3gp.

   Fixed a bug about theme style when using windows 7 or windows 8.

   Added "File association" setting and "Windows open style" using windows shell.

   Added input file support for amr(narrow band),awb(wide band).

   Fixed a bug of displaying the time position hint window on playback progress bar.

   Added input and output file support for aif,snd.
   Added 32 bit floating point support for wav,aif,snd.
   Fixed a bug of writting caf file when canceling the output.

   Added input and output file support for tta,mpc.
   Added separate menu items to open file with the internal player or the selected player.
   Fixed the bug of playback progress bar when dragging the slider very fast.
   Fixed the bug of playing a short audio file which is less than 4 seconds.
   Added input file support for caf(alac,lpcm),ac3,aac,adts,m4a,m4v,mp4,3g2,3gp,3gp2,3gpp,avi.
   Added output file support for caf(alac),m4a(ms aac),3gp(ms aac).
   Fixed the bug of writting ogg file when using windows xp
   Fixed the bug of reading multichannel wave file.