1. Changed floating point representation in encoder options.
2. Fixed an error for displaying encoding parameters of aif(pcm) file.
3. Fixed a bug for writing front cover image of flac file.

1. Added AAC_MAIN and AAC_LTP object type in free aac encoder.
2. Re-write the writing of musepack, wavpack and ape file.
3. Replaced two winapi functions in previous version which are not supported by winxp.

  1.Added free AAC encoder to generate m4a(free aac) file.
  2.Added cover front image in audio tag information.
  3.Re-write flac file writting.
  1.Added a volume scale ruler to the playback mix device.
  1.changed mixing algorithm to get better mixed result.
  1. changed algorithm for mixing audio streams.
  1. re-write frequency meter to reduce cpu occupancy in winxp.
  2. added a searched list in "find files" dialog.
  1. added "auto deletion files" options.
  2. re-write the schedule recording options and timing service.
  3. Upgrade output items file structure to version 3 from version 2.
  1. added loopback recording mode.
  2. added "find files" dialog in output recordings.

  Added output file type support for wave(mp3).

  added a decibel indicator to frequency meter.
  added an audio mix processing option.

  added support for ms legacy acm encoders.

  added more encoding options for mp3 encoder , updated all codec libaries .

  Added output file type support for wavPack.

  Bugs fix version.

  Added whether to use recording device in exclusive-mode or in shared-mode, on Vista or later version.
  Added pause recording function in automatic recording mode.
  Added support for WASAPI on windows Vista or latter version.
  Added 32 bit floating point sampling to recording device.
  Fixed a bug that may causes a dead lock on windows 8 when output file type is set to m4a or 3gp.

  Added "Windows open style" using windows shell.

  Added "file naming format" options used to name a recording file automatically.

  Added "Pause recording" function when the recording style is set to manual recording.

  Enhanced frequency spectrum meter displaying using less resources.
  Added multi card recording when using multi instance version.

  Added support for aif,snd audio file.
  Added 32 bit floating point support for wav,aif,snd.
  Fixed a bug which may cause a long time waiting to stop output thread.

  Added support for m4a,3gp audio file. Fixed the bug of writing ogg file when using windows xp.

  fixed the bug of selection language when the program starts up.

  added support for falc,ape file type, multichannel output , and unattended recording when choose schedule recording.

  added support for 24,32 bits sampling data and added help file.

  changed the registration method.
  1.For some sampling parameters which are not supported ( or not yet) by some audio encoders,(eg, ogg encoder in cbr or abr mode ) , the software automatically transform the sampled data to the suitable encoding format.
  2.Automatically update the file structure of history recordings to version 2 to support sorting of history recordings.
  3.Fixed some bugs.
  Enrich the user interface by setting "background picture"," background transparent" properties in designated area. And fixed some bugs.

  Added support for recording schedule,and fixed some bugs.