1. How to buy  Fangxun audio recorder ?

  You can buy the software via the following web sites:

Sorry , we are not yet determined sales web site.

2. How to get registration information?

    When you complete payment, the website will send the registration information to your email immediately,  you just need doing the software registration according to the prompts message, the software uses a registration file to activate it, without the need of inputting registration code manually.


3. What  if lost  registration file?

     Please click here to re-obtain your registration file

4. Time limitation for free update

     You can freely update the software  as long as the major version of the software is unchanged.


5. Is it needed to re-get registration file after updating to new version?

     No, it's not needed,  you can still use the original one as long as the major number of the software version is unchanged.

6. What is the multi instance version?

  When use the multi instance version of this software, you can install the software into the different directories, one directory identifies one instance, one instance corresponds one sound card, and each instance has it's own configuration parameters. Achieve the multi card recording in one machine.

    Every instance shares common one license file ( software registration file ).  

7. How to register the software?

     1. First check your email to see if the registration file has been received as an attachment,  then save the attachment as a registration file.

     2. Start the software, click the button "Register software" under the tab "Buy and register",  as shown in figure 7-1, first enter your registration name and email, then click the button at the bottom, a dialog to select a file will be displayed, then choose the registration file that you have received.  That is all.

Figure 7-1     Register Software